Wednesday, 31 December 2014

A Year In Review

   2014 has certainly been a strange yet impactful year, particularly in the fashion industry. Whilst I cringe at the idea of looking over the year that's just flown by (and the people who post summarising collages or videos make me wish I didn't exist), before everyone gets paralytic tonight and can't remember their own name I thought it would be necessary to give my over view of the best and worst trends that we were blessed with this year. 


The superstar comeback:
If you're a shoe fanatic like myself, you'll obviously have a high appreciation for Adidas, particularly the Adidas Originals Superstar II that had it's ultimate comeback this year. These shoes are old-school perfection and have come back around at the perfect time.

The sheer:
I'm a huge material addict, last year leather was a big deal but this time around sheer has taken over. This see through, heaven-sent fabric adds so much excitement to any garment and of course makes life a lot funner having clothes that are basically see through.

The bob:
Last year it all seemed to be about having never-ending locks, but the bob came back this year and I'm more than happy about it. Whilst personally I have a head much too basket-ball like for this style, I certainly love it and envy those who make it work so well.


The grillz:
Now, if you're some sort of world renowned rapper with tattoos on your face and lyrics about getting money and killing people, I sort of get it. But to all the young teenagers who think that having thousands of pounds worth of gold and diamonds in their mouths helps their image, you're wrong. You quite simply look like a twat.

The dyed eyebrows:
This trend is more than acceptable if you're on a runway for a top designer at fashion week. But it baffles me that roaming around with neon hair on your face isn't a clear mistake to some people. Shout out to Pia Mia in particular, I hate you. 

The black lip:
It's like the people who sport this horrific colour on their mouths want people to think they've just eaten some sort of animal faeces? As much as I can't get enough of wearing black, this is much too try-hard goth for my liking.

Anyway, that's my overview of this year done and dusted. I hope you all have a great night, get completely shit faced and enjoy a wonderful new year.


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