Sunday, 23 November 2014

Breaking News: Kim Kardashian is naked

Apart from the numerous selfies of girls at clubs, the only thing that I've seen all over Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the last week are the pictures of Kim Kardashian posing naked for her appearance in 'Paper' Magazine, titled 'Break The Internet'. Whilst a few people are posting their admiration of Kim's renowned, and especially huge, derrière it's clear that the majority of the World have something to say against the reality star's decision to show the universe her birthday suit. Only one thing springs to mind when I see these endless speeches about how she's a mum, how she must have had tremendous amounts of plastic surgery or how the images are clearly photoshopped: Do you think she cares!? It's been reported that Kim made a ridiculous $43million from the magazine spread, so whilst the negative souls of the world decide to 'hate' (I almost vomited whilst writing that expression but I couldn't find a better way to put it), on Kardashian for her choice, I'm sure she's crying at night whilst wiping her now even more famous bum with fresh $500 notes. It would be great if the writers of the World could focus on real issues rather than comparing a celebrities arse growth through 'then and now' pictures to something as extreme and horrific as Ebola. All that these people are doing, either out of jealousy that she's created an empire for herself and her family from a sex tape or genuine disgust, is fuelling an even bigger following of Kim, which will inevitably give her even more success in her cleverly crafted career. She seems to know exactly what she's doing and I'm sure that one day she will thank you for making her even more famous. Rant over.


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