Saturday, 6 September 2014

Chokers? Just no-kers

    For some strange reason that is entirely beyond me, the choker has sprung back in to fashion. These thin pieces of plastic which sit gripping worryingly closely to the skin of the neck bring particularly unpleasant images in to my head of dolphins stuck in plastic bottle packaging. To me they're not an edgy fashion statement, but just look simply painful and could almost pass as some sort of torture weapon. Trends often tend to confuse me. For example, when Jelly Shoes were re-vamped and made 'cool' again, I seriously questioned the World we live in and if Satan was behind the whole idea. This bemusement also occurred when those ghastly hidden heel trainers became a thing that people thought were acceptable to wear in public. However, plastic chokers are up there with the worst crazes around, which thankfully tend to die out pretty quickly. So, although maybe you relish in trying to look 'indie' by almost cutting off your oxygen supply, my personal overall opinion is that chokers should be demolished, simple as, take my advice if you wish.


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